Irrigation logs

You can log irrigation in AgrIOT via the mobile app. Go the farm view and tap on the field name in the mobile app. This opens the info screen of the field. (1) Continue by tapping on the “Add irrigation log” icon, highlighted in (1), to add a new irrigation log.

In the next screen select the date and time the irrigation was started. (2) By default, this is set to the current day and one hour earlier. Select the irrigation time in minutes and save the irrigation log by tapping the SAVE button in the top right corner.

Field detail with "add irrigation log" button highlighted (1)
Add irrigation log screen (2)

You can see the saved irrigation logs in the info page of the field, showing the time the irrigation started and the duration. (3)

Saved irrigation logs in the mobile app (3)

You can also view these irrigation logs on the web platform. Similar as in the mobile app, you can view the irrigation logs by clicking on the field name. The logs are now visible in the field info bar on the left side of the screen.

Saved irrigation logs on the web platform