Viewing trap maintenances

The trap maintenance is recorded using the mobile app, but the recorded data and notifications can be viewed and analyzed in both the mobile app and the web portal in detail. A insect count chart is shown in both applications.

Mobile app

When you select a specific trap you find the trap details on top the screen, and thereunder the chart showing the insect count over time. (1) By default, the last 7 days are visible. This can be changed by tapping on the time range and selecting another range or set a custom range by entering the start and end date for the chart.

By default recorded insect counts are shown per day, but you can change this by the interval option under the time range. If you increase the time range to the past year, for example, it is advised to adapt the interval by tapping on the interval indicator and selecting another interval, for example, “One month”. So with this setting the insect counts per month are gathered and shown.

What you can also see in the example is that three insect counts have been recorded for this trap; on 24 April one insect was counted, on 27 April no insects were counted and on 30 April three insects were counted. Further, you see a list of the corresponding three maintenance tasks recorded for this trap below the chart. 

Catch chart and maintenance list (1)
Detail of maintenance (2)

Tapping on one of the recorded maintenance tasks will open the detail view of this maintenance. (2) This display shows all recorded tasks and can be reviewed, for example, to check if consumables have been replaced and necessary maintenance has been performed. The duration time of the maintenance is also recorded and can be seen in the top part. The mobile app records the duration automatically, starting when the user opens the maintenance wizard and stopping when he saves all the maintenance data. This is a very useful metric to optimize trap maintenance planning and efficiency on organization level, and to measure the efficiency of specific maintenance protocols and, if needed, to improve them.

Web portal

You can also view the maintenance information and charts in the web portal. Navigating to the farm and clicking a trap shows the chart on the left side of the window. The chart is visible below the trap settings. You can enlarge the side panel by dragging the divider with the map to the right. You can adapt the display range and interval similar to the mobile app. In the chart, a zero observation (zero insects counted) is indicated by a zero-line, and in case of no line this indicates that this day there have been no observation.

Trap detail view with chart

Selecting the MAINTENANCE tab on the tab bar between the trap settings and the chart shows all the maintenance of this trap. Clicking on the expand icon (the down-facing arrow) shows the maintenance details.

List of trap maintenances
Maintenance detail