Trap scenarios

In the trap scenarios you can define the thresholds for generating notifications. If the aggregated number of captured insects by the trap in a specific time period exceed a certain level, you would like to be informed that there may be an increased level of pest activity at the location of this trap. These thresholds may vary per month, as pests may also be more or less active during the season. AgrIOT allows the creation of dedicated trap scenarios in the Admin Panel, tailored per farm or organization. These scenarios are only available for users in your own organization.

To view the trap scenarios and edit or create a new scenario click on “IPM” in the side menu. This opens the Integrated Pest Management page. Clicking the “GO TO TRAP SCENARIOS” button on the bottom of the page navigates you to the trap scenarios.

IPM link in side menu
Trap scenario link on IPM page

AgrIOT provides global (standard) scenarios which you can use straight away, but it is advised to create at least one custom trap scenario tailored to your situation. You can create a new trap scenario by clicking ADD NEW TRAP SCENARIO FOR THIS ORGANIZATION. This will open a new page where all the settings can be modified.

Trap scenario list

In this new page you can customize your scenario. First you give the new scenario a name. This name is used in the trap installation wizard in the mobile app to select the correct scenario for new traps. Also you need to select for which pest this scenario applies. In this example it is Red Palm Weevil.

The date range is the number of days that AgrIOT uses to aggregate the insect count for this trap. In the example below the date range is 14 days which means that AgrIOT will aggregate the insect counts from the past 14 days and compares this number with a threshold.  

Trap scenario list

AgrIOT defines two threshold levels: a warning (yellow) threshold and a danger (red) threshold. If the aggregated insect count exceed the yellow level, AgrIOT generates a warning notification, and if the aggregated insect count exceed the red level, AgrIOT generates a danger notification. You can set the thresholds per month by clicking on one of the months (in the example case below, July), which opens a pop-up where you can enter the threshold levels. You can do this for every month independently. 

AgrIOT will automatically analyze the data each time the trap mainentance task is done and automatically notify you if a threshold is exceeded so that you can induce timely the necessary pest control action.

Changing the tresholds for a trap scenario

Clicking the SAVE button saves the trap scenario for your organization. From now on new traps can be installed with this scenario. If you would like to enable or disable automatic notification temporarily you can use the Notification switch.  For instructions on how to install a new trap follow the Installing Traps instructions

Trap scenario list with newly created scenario