Trap notifications

If enabled in the trap scenario, AgrIOT automatically generate trap notifications. Trap scenarios can be customized in the Admin Panel to tailor the notifications for your farm. A trap scenario can be linked to a trap during the installation of this trap.

Both mobile app and web portal show the trap notifications and allow a quick indication that particular areas on your farm may need additional pest control actions. If you go to the farm view you can see all the traps, indicated by the trap icons on the map. The default trap icon indicates that the captured insects over a set period of time did not exceed any threshold. A yellow notification on the trap icon indicates that the captured insects over a set period of time exceeded the warning threshold. A red notification on the trap icon indicates that the captured insects over a set period of time exceeded the danger threshold.

Default trap icon
Warning trap icon
Danger trap icon

Mobile app

You can view notifications in the mobile app by tapping the notification icon on the dashboard of the app. (1) The list shows the recent notifications, with the latest on top. (2)

Mobile dashboard with notification icon highlighted (a)
List of trap notifications (2)

Web portal

The AgrIOT portal dashboard shows a list of the most recent notifications. Clicking on the ALL NOTIFICATION button on the bottom navigates you to the list of all notifications.

Trap detail view with RPW chart

So if you click the ALL NOTIFICATION button, you see all notifications from all the farms. In the top tab bar you can select from which farm you would like to see the notifications. Clicking on a farm tab only shows the notification from that particular farm.

List of trap notifications