Trap monitoring overview

With AgrIOT you can monitor insect traps on your farms which allows you to get direct notifications and locations of pest hot-spots at your farm. Also AgrIOT provides advice on required pest control and maintenance actions based on the collected data. This makes the AgrIOT an extremely valuable asset for your Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. To use AgrIOT you need to install the AgrIOT mobile app on your smart phone.

To start pest monitoring using AgrIOT you first need to install insect traps on your farm using the app. Note that only users with edit authorization are allowed to install traps on a farm. To enable automatic notifications (for example if the number of insects exceed a threshold) and trap maintenance, you need to add a trap scenario to the specific traps. You can use a default scenario, or you can create a custom scenario in the Admin Panel tailored to your organization or farm. In the custom scenerios you can also define the pest to be monitored by the trap. The most common pests in date palm farming are Red Palm Weevil, Longhorn Stem Borer, Lesser Date Moth, but you may add scenarios for other pests if these threathen your farm.

In addition to the trap scenarios, AgrIOT provides trap maintenance protocols which prescribe the maintenance per trap type. You can create trap maintenance protocols in the Admin Panel, and specify the type of pheromone, its longevity, insect counting instructions, the cleaning frequency, etc. The users in the field responsible for the maintenance simply follow the maintenance instruction wizzard in the app. Once the maintenance of the trap is finished, all monitoring data, incl. insect counts, and maintenance activities are logged in the AgrIOT platform. This allows you to evaluate, plan and optimize your trap management and logistics, whether you have a small farm with only a few traps, or an organization with many farms and thousands of traps.