Recording trap maintenance

A user with edit authorization can use the AgrIOT app for performing and recording trap maintenance in the field. Tapping on a trap icon in the farm view of the mobile app opens the detailed view of the trap. (1) Tapping on the + button located in the bottom right corner opens the maintenance wizard.

1. Trap details

The maintenance wizard consists of three sections: pest management, consumables and maintenance. In the first section, you record the insect count per pest type (as specified in the trap maintenance protocol).

To record the insect count tap on the pest type (in the example Red Palm Weevil) or the adjacent down-facing arrow. A count option shows and you can now scroll the number of insects counted in the trap. (2) Tapping SAVE will store the insect count. A green checkmark adjacent to the pest type indicates that the record is successful. Only if the recording of all the pest types is successful the NEXT button will be enabled. (3) Tapping the NEXT button will navigate you to the next section in the wizard.

2. Count option for pest recording
3. correctly recorded pest

The second section records the replacement of the consumables (pheromones, kairomones and agents). Per consumable you can select REPLACED or NOT REPLACED. (4) For each consumable you must select if it is replaced or not. If replaced, a green checkmark appears; if not, a yellow checkmark appears. (5) Once you recorded all consumable replacements the NEXT button is enabled.

4. Consumable recording options
5. Recorded consumables

The last section is to record the maintenance tasks (such as cleaning and adding water). Similar to the consumables you can select two options per tasks, DONE or NOT DONE. (6) Upon recording the task, either a green checkmark (task done) or a yellow checkmark (task not done) appears. (7) When you recorded all tasks the SAVE button is enabled. Tapping the SAVE button saves the maintenance log. The maintenance log is now visible in the mobile app and in the web portal

6. Maintenance tasks recording
7. Save maintenance