Installing traps

A user with edit authorization can install insect traps in the field of a farm using the AgrIOT mobile app. To install a new trap the user opens the farm and taps the orange + button in the bottom right corner. (1) This will open the menu to select a new trap to install. (2) Note that only users with edit authorization that are allowed to install traps will see these buttons. Tapping the trap icon button opens the wizard that guides you through the trap installation steps.

1. Farm view with the + button to add a new trap
2. Farm view with the add trap button visible

The first thing to select is the location the trap is installed. Tap the OPEN MAP button (3), which opens the map view of your farm. (4) Zoom to the actual trap location. Tapping once on the location on the map will put a marker at this position. You can fine-tune by tapping on a new location. If you are satisfied with the location, then tap SELECT to save the location. Secondly, select the type of the trap. (4) The trap type determines the available trap scenarios and maintenance protocols needed for the maintenance. 

3. Selecting the location
4. Selecting the location (continued)
5. Selecting the type of the new trap

Next, you enter the trap name which makes it easy to identify the trap. (6) If this is not important to you just give it the default name “trap”. The fourth step is selecting a trap scenario, which enables the generation of notifications for this trap. (7) If “No Scenario” is selected no notifications will be generated, otherwise, the notifications are generated according to the specific scenario. The scenarios can be specified or modified in the Admin Panel of the organization. 

Selecting a trap maintenance protocol is the fifth and final step in the wizard. (8) Selecting a trap maintenance protocol is required because without one no maintenance can be performed and the trap is useless.

6. Add the name
7. Select the trap scenario
8. Selecting a trap maintenance protocol

Finally, check if all the selected options are correct. If not tap on the option you want to modify and select a different setting. If everything is good, tapping the “Create Trap” button will save the trap. (9) The trap is now installed and visible on the farm. (10) Tapping the trap icon on the map will show the trap details. (11)

9. Confirmation step
10. Installed trap
11 Trap detail