Modules and roles overview

AgrIOT has multiple modules that extend the functionality of the platform. Some modules are included in AgrIOT Basic and can be used by everyone, others are optional and need to be selected in order for them to be used. The three-month free trial included all the modules so that you can use all the features on your farm before subscribing to your desired optional modules.

Each module has one or multiple roles that can be assigned per user and per farm making it as versatile as possible assign roles to specific users and farms.


AgrIOT Basic

AgrIOT Basic is the core module of AgrIOT. It is always needed to use AgrIOT. It allows you to create your farms and fields, manage users, give them management roles, and assign users to specific farms.


Admin – The admin role is a management role. This role is organization-wide and allow the user to manage the entire organization.

Super Admin – A super admin can do everything an admin can. A super admin is also able to change and delete normal admins accounts and settings. A normal admin cannot do the same to a super admin.

Farm manager – Currently, a farm manager does not add extra functionalities. However, in the future, this user will be able to perform management tasks for the selected farm.

Trap Management

The Trap Management module is part of our IPM functionalities. The module allows you to create traps, trap scenarios to monitor the status and receive notifications, and trap maintenance protocols which define how a trap should be maintained and how the pests should be recorded.


Viewer – The viewer can only view traps and the associated maintenance in the farm. 

Editor – The editor can view traps like the Viewer, but can also edit and installing new traps. At least one user per farm needs this role to be able to install traps on that farm. 

Trap Maintainer – The Maintainer can do the same as the Viewer but can also do maintenance.

Trap Consultant – A Consultant is intended for external users. They can be specialized in IPM or Trap maintenance and can advise you on managing traps. Consultants can perform the same actions as an editor role. In the future, they will be able to help you with specific management tasks on your farm such as defining the optimal trap scenario or trap maintenance protocol.

Irrigation Basic

Irrigation Basic is part of the core features of AgrIOT and allows you to log irrigation on your farms.


Viewer – A Viewer can see irrigation logs of the farm’s fields. New irrigation logs cannot be created by a Viewer.

Editor – An Editor can do the same as a Viewer, but can also add new irrigation logs.