A geo-spatial agriculture data management platform

What is AgrIOT

AgrIOT is a geo-spatial agriculture data management platform to collect and analyse large-scale fruit tree data reliably, timely and efficiently, using mobile apps and wireless sensor networks.

AgrIOT supports farmers, agri-service providers and government institutions to increase productivity, reduce losses due to pest and optimize water use efficiency. 

AgrIOT can be used by a single farmer with a few hectares farm area up to government institutions with hundreds of extension workers servicing thousands of farms nationwide.

Precision Date Palm Farming

Although not limited to a specific fruit tree or region, AgrIOT is optimized for the date palm sector in the NENA region as we build on years of experience in precision date palm farming.


The main food security challenges for the date palm sector are the presence of pest and water scarcity. 

Transboundary pests and diseases, such as the Red Palm Weevil, cause 30% of the losses in date production. 

The amount of available freshwater in the NENA region is expected to reduce 50% by 2050. Agriculture, and especially date palm farming, accounts for 85% of the freshwater use.


How it Works

AgrIOT manages large scale field data collected through human observation (farmers, extension workers, scouts) using mobile apps or by devices in the field, such as wireless sensors.

AgrIOT translates these field data in efficient and effective pest and water management actions using machine learning and data analysis algorithms that increase your productivity and reduce your losses due to pest and water scarcity.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services

AgrIOT supports insect trap management as part of an IPM service. Install insect traps in the field using the trap installation wizard in the AgrIOT mobile app and develop trap maintenance protocols tailored to your farm.

Trap maintenance protocols determine trap maintenance instructions for your field users, such as insect of interest (Red Palm Weevil, Longhorn Stem Borer, Lesser Date Moth, etc.), how to count the insects, clean the traps, and replace pheromones and agents.

AgrIOT analyzes the aggregated trap data and notifies you if it detects an increased level of pest activity at a field using trap scenarios, so you can take immediate pest control action upon notification.

In the future, AgrIOT will also support IPM at tree level, i.e. enable field users to inspect individual trees on infestation of pest and diseases (scouting).


Water Management services

AgrIOT supports irrigation logging per field as part of a Water Management service. Set the start date/time of the irrigation and the duration to determine the water supply per tree.

AgrIOT can also collect soil moisture data from wireless sensors to determine optimum timing for irrigation, reducing either water waste or water deficiency. 


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