Register for AgrIOT

To become an AgrIOT user you need to create an AgrIOT account for your organization. An organization does not need to be an existing entity, it can also be a virtual entity. AgrIOT assign you as super admin for your organization, which allows you to add farms and other users to the organization. So whether you are an individual user, a farm manager, institute or enterprise, you will get administrative privileges to your organization’s account. 

The first step is to navigate to app.agriot.app¹ (which is also the login page once you have created your account). Click the REGISTER button in the top right or on the link in the middle of the page you will be navigated to the registration form. Here you fill in the required information to create your organization account.

AgrIOT app home page

First fill in the name of your organization, such as your farm, company or institute. Then fill in your personal name and email address. This information is used to create your admin account, which allows you to setup and control your organization in AgrIOT. Finaly you create a password for your AgrIOT account. The password must contain at least 8 characters, inclusing at least 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase character and 1 number.

AgrIOT register form

Once you have filled all the fields you can click the  REGISTER button. When your account is successfully created you will see a confirmation message. Now you can sign in with your account details by clicking the “sign in” link in the confirmation message or the SIGN IN button in the top right corner of the AgrIOT homepage.

Account creation confirmation message

If you sign in a form pops up that requests your email and password you just created.

AgrIOT sign in form

If you sign in you will enter AgrIOT platform dashboard. As an admin you also see the ADMIN PANEL button in the top right corner of the top bar, next to the SIGN OUT button. This button will navigate you to the admin panel were you can register your farms, invite new users and manage your organization settings. Other users who do not have admin privileges will not see ADMIN PANEL panel button and are unable to enter the admin panel of your organization. 

AgrIOT platform dashboard

The first page of the admin panel is the admin dashboard, which gives you a quick overview of your organization’s account. 

AgrIOT admin dashboard

In the following tutorials you will learn how to manage your organization’s account in AgrIOT:

  1. AgrIOT supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge