Create farms and fields

In the admin dashboard you can manage farms and fields. Clicking on the “Farms” tab in the navigation side bar navigates to the list of farms managed by your organization. When you are new and just created your account no farms are listed and they first need to be created.

AgrIOT admin dashboard with highlighted Farms tab

Creating a new Farm

The first time you navigate to the Farms tab it shows an empty list and a button with ADD FIRST FARM. Clicking this button opens the page to create a new farm.

Empty farms list with button to create new farm

To create a new farm you need a farm name and farm border. You can fill in the farm name in the text box in the top left corner of the map. The farm border can be created by zooming to the correct location of the farm using the scroll wheel of the mouse. 

Note that AgrIOT uses baselayer maps from Mapbox which might look slightly different than for example Google maps or Bing maps. Also satellite imagery used for the baselayer maps may not always be recent. As AgrIOT uses the baselayer maps for visualization purpopes only and not for geospatial information processing, this will not influence the usage or performance of AgrIOT.

Start view of new farm page

Once you have filled in the farm name and zoomed to the correct farm location you can start drawing the farm border. Click on the rectangle icon in the top right corner of the map, as highlighted in the image below. Now start clicking on the map to create points that indicates the corners of your farm borders. Do this until you have created all corners. A preview of the farm border is shown in yellow on the map.

New farm page zoomed to the location of the new farm

The last step to finalize the farm border is clicking on the first point you placed. This will close the farm border. Any adjustments can be made by dragging each white/yellow point. Additional points can be created by clicking in the middle of a line between two existing points. 

Drawn border of a new farm

If you have filled the farm name and have drawn the farm border, CREATE button will be active. Click this button to the newly created farm. The newly created farm is now present on the farms list. Additional farms can be created by the same procedure as described above by clicking the + button in the bottom right corner of the farms list page.

New farm page zoomed to the location of the new farm

Click on the farm name and you will be navigated to the farm page showing the farm’s details, such as the farm border, as well as additional options for the farm.

Creating a field on the farm

After the farm has been created, fields can be added to the farm by navigating to the farm page. Clicking the + button in the bottom right corner of the farm page opens the page where you can create fields for the selected farm.

Detailed farm page

Drawing field borders works the same as drawing a farm border. Once you have drawn the field border and filled a field name click the CREATE button to save the field. The page refreshes and the new field will be displayed on the map with its name. A new field can be drawn directly after the previous one is created by clicking the + button

Draw field page