Add users to your organization

As an admin you can manage people working for the organization in the admin dashboard. Clicking on the “People” tab in the navigation sidebar navigates to the list of users that have access to your organization on AgrIOT.

AgrIOT admin dashboard with highlighted People tab

You are the only user in your organization having access to AgrIOT when you just created your organization’s AgrIOT account. You also have the role of super admin. With this role, you can manage everything for your organization.

List of people that have access to the organization data on AgrIOT

You can invite more users to your organization by clicking the “Add Person” button in the bottom left corner. 

Inviting a new user to your organization

When you click the “Add Person” button you see a form that needs to be filled in to add a new user to your organization. Only the name and email address of the user is required. After filling these fields click the ADD PERSON and the user account is created. Although you already can set up his account and privileges, the new user himself needs to activate his account first before he has access to AgrIOT. An email with an activation link is sent to his email address. This activation link is valid for 7 days.

Form to add a new person to your organization on AgrIOT

Activating a new user account

The new user needs to activate his account using the activation link received through the email sent when you created his account. Below is an example of this email. Clicking on the orange “Activate account” link redirects the user to the activation page to activate his account.

Activation email

The new user only needs to set up a password to activate his account. After clicking on the ACTIVATE ACCOUNT button he will be  navigated to the home screen where he can login with his email and password.

AgrIOT account activation page

See if a user has activated his account

As an admin you are able to see if a user has activated his account in the people list. A check mark under “Activated account” indicates that the user has activated his account. A cross means that the account has not yet been activated by the user.

Not yet activated account
Activated account

Note that when the activation time for an invited user has expired a new activation email can be send by clicking the RESEND button (replacing the cross) after the expiration date is passed.

RESEND button after expiration of activiation period