Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up your account and get started

Sign up to create your AgrIOT account

An organization can be an arbitrary entity, such as a farm, a group of individuals, an enterprise, or even a virtual entity. It is up to you how you define your organization.

AgrIOT supported browsers are Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Locate and draw your farms and fields

Want to create another farm? No problem, just draw another one. AgrIOT does not set any limits to the number of farms you add to your organization account.

Note that AgrIOT uses base layer maps from Mapbox which might look slightly different than for example Google maps or Bing maps. Also satellite maps may not always be recent. This will not influence the usage or performance of AgrIOT as the base layer maps are used for visualization purposes only and not for geospatial information processing.

No, as standard geo-spatial formats (like .shp files) usually are only loosely standardized, especially in describing projections. If you have shape files available and you want to use them, contact

It is not mandatory to create fields but it can be convenient for farm management.

The fastest and easiest way is to do it yourself. If that doesn’t work for you please contact us at to request a service for drawing your farms and fields.

Download and install the AgrIOT mobile app

Permission to use your GPS location is mandatory for installation of insect traps, and advisable for montioring and maintenance traps in the fields. 

Add persons from your organization as AgrIOT users

Yes, you can do this in advance before activation of the user account.

Normal users cannot navigate to the AgrIOT Admin Panel, and thus add new users and assign privileges, unless they have been assigned super admin or admin.

Both a super admin and an admin can access the admin panel and manage the organization. However, a super admin can remove normal admins where a normal admin cannot remove or change a super admin.

Integrated Pest Management services

Installation of insect traps

Only users with edit authorization are allowed to install traps.

It is possible to skip the selection of a trap protocol but then you cannot use the AgrIOT mobile app for trap maintenance and pest monitoring. But you can always add the trap protocol later.

Trap scenarios and notifications

AgrIOT automatically analyzes the aggregated captured insects at each trap maintenance and automatically generate a notification if a threshold is exceeded so that you can induce timely the necessary pest control action.

Dedicated trap scenarios can be created per farm or organization by admins only in the AgrIOT Admin Panel.

Your trap scenarios are only available for users in your own organization. AgrIOT provides global (standard) scenarios which you can use straight away.

Of course, but it is advised to create at least one custom trap scenario tailored to your situation for an optimized pest monitoring and control program for your farm.

A newly created trap scenario is immediately available in the AgrIOT mobile app for users in the field.

AgrIOT aggregates and analyses the captured insects over the last time frame. You can set the length of this time frame in days in the trap scenario page in the Admin Panel.

In the trap scenario page you can enable or disable automatic trap notification temporarily.

You can view notifications in the mobile app by tapping the notification icon on the dashboard of the app. The list shows the recent notifications, with the latest on top. 

The AgrIOT portal dashboard shows a list of the most recent notifications. Clicking on the ALL NOTIFICATION button on the bottom navigates you to the list of all notifications.

Trap maintenance protocols

Dedicated trap maintenance protocols can be created per farm or organization in by admins only in the AgrIOT Admin Panel.

AgrIOT offers predefined trap maintenance protocols per generic trap type with default protocols, which can be used as basis for your new protocols. At this moment the Bucket Trap, Picusan Trap and Light Trap default protocols are offered, but in the future this list will be extended.

Contact and we will investigate if this is possible.

You cannot add new pests yourself, but you can send us a request to add a new pest at We will also regularly extend the list of potential pests as we are in constant discussion with farmers and experts. We will also make sure that the we add the right default scenarios for the new pest.

You can add multiple pheromones, kairomones or agents per trap maintenance protocol.

You can add specific consumables and specific tasks to your AgrIOT account. To do so hover with your mouse over the “Trap Maintenance protocols” option in the side panel. While your mouse is over Trap Maintenance Protocols link an extra Consumables and Actions option is visible. If you click on this link you will go to the list of all consumables and maintenance tasks.

After you save the maintenance protocol, users in the field can immediately select it in their AgrIOT mobile app for installation of the trap.

By default only the count (number of insects) is asked during the maintenance in the field, but as an option it is also possible to ask for the weight of the insects.

You can write an extra instruction per consumable and task that will be displayed in the mobile app during trap maintenance in the field.

Editing a protocol is also possible after it is created. These changes will be directly visible and available for users when they perform maintenance.

Recording and viewing trap maintenance

A user with edit authorization can use the AgrIOT mobile app for performing and recording trap maintenance in the field.

During the maintenance, the AgrIOT mobile app records the maintenance duration, starting when the user opens the maintenance wizard and stopping when he saves all the maintenance data. This is a very useful metric to optimize trap maintenance planning and efficiency on organization level, and to measure the efficiency of specific maintenance protocols and, if needed, to improve them.

In the maintenance protocols you can set the expiration of the consumables and the maintenance. In the future we will generate notifications to optimize the maintenance planning schedule and improve maintenance efficiency.

You can export the captured insects over time to an Excel-file. In the near future you can export all trap maintenance data in CSV format. 

Water management services

Irrigation logs

Using the water dispenser capacity (dripper, bubbler, etc.) and the number of dispensers per field, allows you to calculate the amount of water used.

In the future the AgrIOT water management service will be extended with, among others, soil moisture sensor data and weather sensor data. With this information AgrIOT can generate the optimum irrigation advice, including irrigation notifications.

If your irrigation system has an API, we can record the irrigation log automatically. please contact and we will investigate the possibility.

In the near future you can export all irrigation log data in CSV format. 

New services and features

We are constantly improving and adding new features to AgrIOT. We keep you informed when we release new features.

Some of the new features that we currently develop are for example individual tree management and adding maintenance pictures. We keep you informed on newly planned features.

We are always open for suggestions from our clients so let us know through If possible we will add your suggestion to our roadmap.  

We have integrated LoRaWAN wireless sensor networks with our AgrIOT platform for clients, for example soil moisture sensor networks. This requires the installation of a LoRaWAN gateway with mobile data connection on your farm, but not all telecom regulation authorities already have national legislation for LoRaWAN gateways. Contact if you are interested and we can investigate possibilities.

Yes, in the future other language options will be offered, but at this moment our priority is in completing the basic feature set for AgrIOT.