Month: April 2020

Irrigation logs

You can log irrigation in AgrIOT via the mobile app. Go the farm view and tap on the field name in the mobile app. This opens the info screen of the field. (1) Continue by tapping on the “Add irrigation log” icon, highlighted in (1), to add a new irrigation log. In the next screen select …

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Trap scenarios

In the trap scenarios you can define the thresholds for generating notifications. If the aggregated number of captured insects by the trap in a specific time period exceed a certain level, you would like to be informed that there may be an increased level of pest activity at the location of this trap. These thresholds may …

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Manage user settings

New users that are registered via the admin portal do not have any privileges yet in the organization. You can set up personal privilege settings in the personal user page. The following privilege settings can be managed: Access to farms Organization-wide management roles Farm-specific roles Additional settings Personal privilege settings page Access to farms A new user does not have …

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